The Top Official Entries… So far

There have been 11 songs announced so far for ESC 2015, of which 9 are available in a more-or-less finished form for us to listen.  Of those 9 there are about 6 that are contenders for a decent placing in the finals.  Here they are, with the most recently chosen first:

Saturday Cyprus chose their entry, Giannis Karagiannis with the subtle indie love song “One Thing I Should Have Done”.  If Hungary placed well with Bye Alex‘s “Kedvesem” in 2013, this could fit into a similar niche and also get votes.

Also Switzerland chose their entry this weekend, and though “Time to Shine” is a hackneyed Eurovision cliche of a title, Mélanie René and her song both show promise.  It may need a makeover to “punch it up” between now and May.

Last week France announced its entry as “N’Oubliez Pas”, the song that Lisa Angell will perform in the Eurovision Finals (as a guaranteed Big Six finalist).  In a traditional French Chanson style, it should perform well if there is a decent staging:

Malta has emerged as a Eurovision finalist in the last few years, and though Amber‘s “Warrior” needs a bit of work still, by contest time it could comfortably fit into the finals.

Macedonia has had a rocky history in Eurovision, not always squeaking in to qualification.  This year they have a strong singer, and again, if their staging can make a decent impression, Daniel Kajmakoski and “Esenski Lisja” could make it to the Saturday night Grand Finals.

Albania has a habit of sending very talented singers that unfortunately don’t always find their audience when it comes down to the voting.  That could be the case again this year, depending upon the form that Elhaida Dani‘s powerful “Diell” comes to ESC in.  In a good translation this could be a qualifier.

One of the first announced singers this year was Trintje Oosterhuis, an experienced soul singer from the Netherlands.  Her song was presented shortly after, and here Trintje is in a live performance on the Dutch version of The Voice with her ESC entry “Walk Along”:

Next up, we should be hearing the Thomas G:Son-composed entry for Spain, “Amanecer” by Spanish pop superstar Edurne, and “Hope Never Dies”, the (possibly) strong duet from Czech Republic’s Marta Jandová & Václav Noid Bárta.  Since Czech Republic is back in ESC this year after a break (and three years of an abysmal record of no qualifications), let’s hope they have returned with something great…


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