STUNNING News About This Year’s Eurovision in Vienna!

(When I saw this on my Twitter feed this morning, I had to check the date to assure myself it’s not April 1.)  EBU and the organizers of this year’s 60th Jubilee Eurovision Song Contest have confirmed that Australia has accepted an invitation to send an entry to participate in this year’s Eurovision Grand Finals.  It’s a one-time-only offer that is part of this year’s theme “Building Bridges”, to invite the land down under to take part in the contest they have loved for so many years.

Unlike the US, where Eurovision is barely heard of, Australia has a long tradition of friends and families getting up early in the morning to watch a local network’s live feed of Eurovision.  In recent years, that network has been SBS, which will be the Australian partner to choose and send an official entry by the cutoff date of March 16.

This may not NECESSARILY be the only time Australia gets to take part.  In the event that Australia’s entry actually wins this year’s competition, they have agreed to organize and present 2016’s event in a European host city.  But in that case only, the Australians will be invited back to submit an entry again next year as a winning nation.aUSTRALIA


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