Songs That Give Us Hope for ESC2015

So far the list of confirmed entries range from “meh” to “not bad”.  But from several of the highly-tipped songs in the national finals we are getting that winner-vibe that this year’s Eurovision needs. Some of the best songs seem to be clustered into the same qualifying finals to compete with each other, which simultaneously raises the chance that a good entry will win those contests and totally knocks some of these worthy entries out of contention.

First up, an unlikely powerhouse, Lithuania.  The Baltic state has had a decent qualifying record in recent years, but never with a top-notch song.  This year their final is down to three song possibilities and all are FINE. They have an interesting system where they choose a song from the top three possibilities, then choose which of their top three singers will perform it.  Male vocalist Vaidas has a lot of support, and all three of these songs could suit him.

Ireland has had some of their best results with songs by Swedish songwriters (Jedward, anyone?) and this year Nikki has an international team of songwriters, and Swedish Idol alumnus Erika Selin has a Swedish-style pop song with some Celtic sounds (and one of the best pop songs ANYWHERE this year). They seem to be the standouts in Ireland’s selection.

Estonia has a habit of offering up some really great options in their Eesti Laul competition and then failing to choose the best.  Let’s hope this year they go for Stig and Elina (whose “Goodbye to Yesterday” already has Eurovision bettors chomping at the bit).

Finally, Romania have just released their list of finalists. Former Eurovision artist Luminita Anghel is back again this year with the decent but not-totally-convincing “A Million Stars”.  But newcomer Lara Lee is really impressive with this radio-friendly Sia-soundalike.  I hope “Superman” leaps tall buildings at a single bound and wins this final…



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