Quality Songs Win on Super Saturday 2!

Iceland finished their song selection today with an EXCELLENT choice for Vienna, while Italy’s San Remo concluded its week of competition with a 4-hour marathon final that saw young opera-lite guys Il Volo triumph with what might be a winner candidate this May.

In Italy, Il Volo made a convincing case for Eurovision top contender (though opera-style songs are MOSTLY overrated as a votegetter in ESC).  Their record company is blocking their YouTube performance video from US viewers, so here is the official music video of “Grande Amore”.  Do you think Rome 2016 is in the cards?

Meanwhile, Iceland continues to impress Eurofans with the VERY high quality of the songs in its national finals.  The top two contenders in the “superfinal” came down to Maria Olafsdottir and Fridrik Dor, with young telegenic vocal powerhouse Maria taking the trophy and ticket to represent Iceland in Vienna with her “Unbroken”.  Many fans now rank Iceland and Italy as the top two entries so far this season.

Meanwhile, across the Baltic, Lithuania chose home-grown entry “This Time” over two internationally-produced songs.  Next week we will find out who will sing this very good entry for Lithuania in Vienna for ESC, but Vaidas seems to have the inside track with this happy, country folk-tinged entry.


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