Europe, Do We Have a Winner?

As the second-most successful country in Eurovision history (and rising quickly) every year Sweden’s entry is near the top with fans and bettors.  But with tonight’s LANDSLIDE victory at Melodifestivalen by Måns Zermerlöw and his radio-ready “Heroes” fans everywhere are considering that Sweden may have its second victory in four years. Stockholm 2016, anyone?


Yes the song is fun and ear-worm catchy, the singer is good-looking and personable, but the clever and unique stage performance is what puts the whole package over the top.  Cute and charming without being cloying, it’s going to be memorable when it comes time to vote in Vienna. There are still five or six more songs to be revealed, but this will certainly be in the top five, if not straight to the top of the scoreboard.


One thought on “Europe, Do We Have a Winner?

  1. Perhaps. But it won’t be this mess, which is the usual overproduced Bjorkman-Saade number but without Saade. Why they didn’t just throw in the Ukrainian sand painter with the rest of the kitchen sink I’ll never know. I do predict a top 5 but no victory. In contrast, and what a contrast it is, the eventual winner may just be the beautiful ballad from neighboring Norway that saves an otherwise dire Scandinavian selection.

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