ESC 2015 Countdown, My Places 20 through 11…

Eurovision fans can be a little dramatic. Every year as the national selection season runs its course, the fans are quick to declare it “the worst year ever” and this year was no exception. But looking at the 40 entries, I had a tough time squeezing the songs I really like onto one CD of 26 entries, let alone this top 20.

I can’t say there are any of the entries in this group of my 20th to 11th place songs that I don’t like.  And the only thing that separates them from my top ten, in most cases, is that my top ten are the ones that I think are more immediately lovable or more apt to impress on the big stage and on tv screens across the world. I do have to admit that some of these might be my own GUILTY pleasures that other fans absolutely HATE!

20th place – Moldova – I Want Your Love

Specifically, regarding my last comment, THIS entry is at the absolute bottom of many fans’ lists of this year’s entries.  Eduard Romanyuta is a rich, good-looking Ukrainian guy who seems to spend a lot of his time in New York and LA.  In other words, his winning the selection to represent Moldova seems a little weird and almost unfair.  But with all that said, it’s a catchy 90s boyband-ish tune that I won’t apologize for liking, even if I won’t be surprised if it fails to make the finals.

19th place – Malta – Warrior

One of the two female vocalists singing songs called “Warrior” in this year’s contest, I think Amber and Malta have the one that is more memorable.  I hope she qualifies to the final!

18th place – United Kingdom – Still in Love with You

The problem with this one is not that it isn’t catchy.  It is memorable, and sounds almost like a commercial jingle (specifically, a jingle for an English potato waffle that many fans immediately posted on youtube for comparisons).  It’s just very dated and cheesy.  It could strike a chord and do well, but I don’t think that with the Eurovision rule about no more than 6 on stage during the number, this can’t have the singers, band and dancers it would need to make a great stage show.

17th place – Serbia – Beauty Never Lies

Bojana has a great voice, and the song is undeniably immediate.  But it lost something in the translation from Serbian to English. I think it will qualify to the finals, but dont’ see it rising any higher than the middle of the board on Saturday night.

16th place – Lithuania – This Time

Out of the many duets this year, Lithuania have one of the most fun.  Monika and Vaidas are either GREAT singing actors, or they have a lot of real sexual chemistry adding to the impact of this entry.  I think the TV audience will respond to this and keep it in contention for the top half of the board.

15th place – Denmark – The Way You Are

Yes it’s a teenpop boyband number, and sounds like an updated version of “Hey, Hey We’re the Monkees”, but I think Anti-Social Media are cute and telegenic enough that young viewers will vote them into the finals.  I will be interested to see what kind of stage performance Denmark has up their sleeve…

14th place – Austria – I am Yours

Slightly higher-class than Denmark’s boyband, Austria’s The Makemakes are goodlooking and also have a slightly indie lovesong to bring to the table.  In recent years the host nations haven’t performed all that well in the finals, but I think viewers will respond well to this.

13th place – Greece – One Last Breath

Greece ALWAYS does well with the voters, and this year they have a very high-quality entry to back that record up with.  Maria is a powerful singer, and if Greece comes up with a staging to match the song, this could easily reach top ten.

12th place – Cyprus – One Thing I Should Have Done

Cyprus often has a tough time getting our of the semis, and this song is a sweet little indie ballad that might fall through the cracks, but I have to admit I am charmed by it. I hope it qualifies.

11th place – Iceland – Unbroken

This is a radio-friendly song that could chart in almost any country, and is sung by a pretty, charming 16-year-old.  I think it will easily qualify and could surprise a few people in the finals.




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