Into the Eurovision Bubble

I’ve now been in Vienna three days, and mostly avoided living, breathing, eating and sleeping nothing but Eurovision.  I have gone sightseeing around this gorgeous city, made it a point to get to the gym and work out every morning, and went to one of the renowned art museums this afternoon.


But all this tranquil touristic freedom is about to end.  Tonight I will attend the jury rehearsal of the first semifinal, and from here to Saturday the Song Contest will occupy the vast majority of my waking hours.  After tonight’s show, look for a post with pictures and first impressions of the first group of semifinalists!

It looks to be a very tough year for the competitors, since most seem to be very talented and engaging.  But this is a contest, and not everyone can win.  It will be more difficult than usual to handicap who will and won’t go through and qualify to the finals, but after seeing tonight’s preview of what will be shown to Europe tomorrow night via broadcast tv, I will revisit my earlier prediction and revise as necessary.


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