Final Night of Eurovision is HERE

It’s been an amazing week, and here we are at the evening of the Grand Finals.  Although Sweden has led the betting odds consistently since March, many observers still insist that the contest is still wide open.  In about 11 hours we shall see if they, or the bettors, were on the right track.

I think Sweden has the inside edge with a superprofessional presentation and catchy song that is immediate, memorable, and easy to like. If anyone can challenge Sweden for the victory, it would be the colossal operatic Il Volo from Italy, or the dynamic and photogenic Polina from Russia. The outside dark horses would be Australia, Estonia or Belgium (whose estimation in the betting odds has zoomed in the last few days from 12th place to 4th place in the odds).

I have had some trouble finding an easy way to embed my  Flickr sets on this page. Hope to have many photos for you soon.parade-of-nations3


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