Arrived in Sweden, and Ready to Post Up a Storm!

My trip from LA to Stockholm was reasonably fast and uneventful, except for the torturous 90 minute security line at LAX. Sweden customs and immigration could not have been nicer and more friendly, especially when they asked the purpose of my visit and I told them I was visiting for 10 days to watch and cover the Eurovision Song Contest.

My AirBnB student apartment in the high-rise Skrapan building overlooking the trendy Sodermalm district is cozy and Scandinavia-cool, and in the absolutely most central and convenient location for tourism in general and Eurovision events in particular. Globen and the shows are 5 minutes and three stops away on the subway, and Eurovillage performances and the Euroclub for accredited press and fans are three stops away in the opposite direction.

The only thing I haven’t yet worked out is where I will work out. That will be my Saturday morning project tomorrow. Meanwhile I am attending a concert at Eurovillage tonight and then the prestigious Nordic countries party at Euroclub afterwards, where I am especially looking forward to getting a first live glimpse of all the Scandinavian acts on an intimate stage.


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