ESC Countdown 2 Days: 2nd Semi Reactions

Tonight’s (or today’s, for us Americans watching in the afternoon) second semifinal was closer and a bit harder to predict than the first, and contained a few surprises. Over the top Croatia turns out to be the only ex-Yugo nation to make the finals this year, and when horrendous Lithuania and rather good Estonia both failed to make it through, we will have a finals with none of the Baltic states represented.

I am pretty sure (and the betting odds seem to bear me out) that Bulgaria, Romania and the Netherlands were the top three votegetters tonight. Kristian Kostov of Bulgaria was so perfect in both voice and stage presentation that he has to be a very strong contender for victory Saturday. The bettors have Blanche from Belgium as fourth place in the Finals, which I find kind of ridiculous with her poor command of the stage and quavering vocals.

This year three of the five Nordic nations are in the finals, with only Finland and Iceland missing out. I think Sweden will do by far the best of the Scandis, with a probable to five placement, followed by a vocally strong Anja of Denmark and a modern and current chart-friendly JOWST of Norway.

We will soon find out the final running order for Saturday, and that should give us a few more hints of who is well-placed to win or out of the running…



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