Blastoff day: Who will win ESC2017?

Now we have the full running order, which seems to have tipped the scale a bit in the direction of Bulgaria and Portugal, and now the race tonight seems to be between three main contenders. Italy has slipped a bit from its formerly unassailable lead, and now Portugal sits ahead in betting by  a hair, with Italy and Bulgaria close at his heels.


I like all three of these entries, and won’t be crying if any of them win.  The fourth and fifth in the betting are Belgium and Sweden, and both of them are worthy contenders as well.  If Belgium wins, I don’t think it will be great for the Contest, since Europe would be crowning as winner a great song let down by a lame staging and shaky, inexperienced singer.

But my one other consideration is also in play.  Where would I like to travel in 2018 (in hopes that I can afford it)? I have looked at the options in Lisbon, Sofia, Gothenburg an Brussels and would be very excited to spend a week in May in any of those options. If Italy wins, the host city is rumored to be Torino, but there is no firm consensus yet.

Lisbon seems to be the ideal Eurovision host city for me, close by, inexpensive, beautiful, historic, and with a perfect pleasant climate. If Salvador wins I will start fighting tooth and nail to save for a Eurovision trip next year.

It’s only a few hours from the Finals.  US viewers can watch it on LOGOtv starting at 3pm EDT noon PDT.  It looks to be a fine show, so watch it!!


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