About Me

Hi, my name is Len and I am a Eurofan!  (I know it sounds like a testimonial at some kind of 12 step meeting, but I am proud to count myself as a part of the legion of devotees who count the Eurovision Song Contest as the height of their entertainment calendar each year.)

I used to have to really WORK to find out information about the annual competition and listen to the winning entries, since few Americans (even today) know much of anything about this long-running festival and competition.  Fortunately in the last decade the Internet has pretty much erased the boundaries of distance and national borders (in the true spirit of Eurovision, after all!) and made it just as easy for me to stay informed and up to date as any European.

My Eurovision year starts in the fall with the first rumours and rumblings of artists and songwriters preparing for the year’s selections.  Then the national final season picks up steam in January, reaching its peak on the Super Saturdays of February where I spend my weekends in front of the computer watching live streams from five or six countries choosing their entries. After the selection process wraps up in March, the preparations and promotions of the finalized entries carry me through to the dizzying week in May when it all comes together in a whirlwind of glitter, glamour, and excitement, the semifinals and final competition night. Europe once again chooses its song of the year!

I live in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA.  My hometown imagines itself to be the unrivalled entertainment capital of the world but I know better.  At least for a few months each spring I join several million other fans of music and entertainment and turn my attention several thousand miles East, to be thrilled, chilled, appalled, and reduced to laughter, tears and wonderment by the Eurovision Song Contest!

American Fan of Eurovision

I'm waving the flag for the Eurovision Song Contest!

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Morning Len,

    Lovely to bus and queue with you yesterday. What a show!! It truelly opened with a bang.

    An exciting day ahead, as we see if it turns into a battle between Sweden, Netherlands & Austria….

    Stay in touch

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